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Before We Begin

What is Mastering Love
& Managing Pain?

Mastering Love and Managing Pain is a solution-focused therapy practice to assist you in realizing your full potential and living a life worthwhile. Though we’re unable to erase the events of the past, we can work together to better understand and resolve problems. Through our very own Mastering Love and Managing Pain curriculum, we will teach you the importance of knowing your Love Ingredients and Pain Languages, which will also include coping skills, life skills, counseling tips, and techniques that will help you overcome all your mental health challenges.

About I.C.C

Innovative Centered Counseling

Sick and tired of being controlled by your emotions and negative thoughts? Are you tormented by memories from your past or present events, pain that has a hold around your heart and is keeping you from fulfilling your purpose in life? If you’ve answered “Yes” to any of these questions, then welcome to Innovative Centered Counseling where our goal is to help you find purpose beyond the pain.


Our professional office is definitely the right place for you. We find it a privilege to help clients achieve solutions for a wide range of personal and mental health issues including depression, anxiety, anger, suicidal thoughts, addictions, physical and sexual abuse recovery, relationship problems, and adjustment issues.


I am not C.R.A.Z.Y

Mental Health Stigma

The pressure of mental health stigma can come from family, friends, coworkers, and society on a broader level. It can prevent people living with mental illness from getting help, fitting into society, and leading happy and comfortable lives.


It is unsettling to imagine the pain and frustration associated with these conditions, but normalizing mental illnesses by talking about them, sharing experiences, and being there for others when help is the need of the hour. Living with a mental disorder does not make someone any less passionate or capable. It shouldn’t stop anyone from achieving their goals beyond the pain. Some of the ways to overcome this stigma are:

Seek treatment

Show Compassion

Public Education

Speak Up Openly

What Sets Us Apart

Key Features

Unique Curriculum

Creative counseling style from our own observation curriculum "Mastering Love & Managing Pain"

Tailor-made Treatment

Custom treatment experiences that provide answers and results to all our clients

Life Coaching

Evaluate & develop realistic plans to help clients find their purpose beyond the painful experiences

Therapeutic Approach

Inspiration, motivation and education to assist clients through the therapeutic process

What We Offer

Our Services

Innovative Centered Counseling is a private practice that understands the needs of individuals, families, and our community. Here are our core services at a glance.

Individual Therapy

Relationship Therapy

Life Coaching

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Certificates & Validations

Dr. Moses Chism Jr. is a highly verified and certificated practicing psychotherapist & a Life Coach.