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Self-esteem Is Everything!

“Help me empower the women in our society by sharing the message of HOW our life experiences can reshape our image of ourselves.”

~Sonya Chism

“Self-esteem Is Everything! Especially when you are a QUEEN”

~Master Life Coach Sonya Chism

Self-esteem Is Everything Mission Statement:

Our mission is to help women of all ages, identify their faces of low self-esteem and help them find their true face of self-esteem, by developing, growing, and transforming them into their purpose.

Self-esteem Is Everything Movement Goals:

The goal is to educate, inspire, and to motivate women of all ages, by providing tools to help develop self-worth, and self-value to gain Self-Esteem.

My Story - Sonya Chism, Founder (Master Life Coach)

“My biological father was a veteran who suffered from alcoholism and an untreated mental illness, which led him to become an abusive person. My mother and birth father later divorced, and my father lived blocks away but remained absent during my early childhood & adult developmental years. I will never forget seeing him from the window of my school bus, waiting on the curbside at 6 am for the liquor store to open on my way to school.

My mother later remarried my bonus father; we grew up with strict religious beliefs, rules, and laws. Due to our belief system, as a child and teenager, I was deprived of regular social activities. My parents and I had a strained relationship due to some teachings. Although my parents raised me the best they knew how I lacked growth and development as an adolescent teen and struggled with my identity. I lacked self-confidence in school and often rebelled while suffering from untreated severe anxiety and depression.

At the early age of twenty-one, I married the love of my life, Dr. Moses Chism Jr., and we raised a beautiful family together. We have been married for twenty-five years. We are the proud parents of three sons and co-owners of a business where we work as partners in a private counseling practice. Currently, I’m the Executive Director of our office, a sophomore student at Texas Women’s University working on my bachelor’s in psychology, and I serve as a Master- Life Coach working in the communities, schools, and churches abroad, conducting life skills groups for young teenage girls and women in need of guidance. It is my mission to encourage women and young girls to not just “go through” their negative life experiences, but I want to help them “GROW THROUGH” their negative life experiences and gain Self-respect, Self-Value, Self-worth, and SELF-ESTEEM.

What is Self Esteem?

“My personal definition of self-esteem derives from a person embracing their God given fingerprints, footprints, and voiceprint seeking to leave an imprint of their existence on earth, they’ve developed a true sense of ones-self and self-awareness. To accomplish this goal a person must seek to discover who they are while determining to discover who they are not.

What is Low Self-Esteem?

“Low self-esteem is only the opposite of self esteem… which is lack thereof. When you begin to only reflect the faces of your painful experiences, disappointments, lack of achievements, etc, and only see yourself through the eyes of a distorted mirror. You display not one, but many faces of low self-esteem.

~Master Life Coach Sonya Chism

Please Join Our Campaign:

Help me empower the women in our society by sharing the message on HOW our life experience can reshape our image of ourselves. We can begin to change the social stigma of low self esteem by bringing awareness to women all over the world. Teaching women about the causes of low self-esteem, hoping to eventually provoke compassion through education and motivation. Our goal is to reach, teach and inspire women to take care of their mental health by operating in awareness and better self-care.

The Top Ten Faces Of Low Self Esteem

Dr. Moses Chism Jr. LPC-S & Sonya M. Chism Master Life-Coach