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I Am not C.R.A.Z.Y.

C.reating R.idiculous A.nalogies Z.oning Y.ou

Mental Health Awareness Movement Goals

“I Am Not C.R.A.Z.Y” is a movement that aims to provide mental health awareness by exposing all social stigma platforms that are creating ridiculous analogies about psychological & emotional conditions, then spreading miseducation within our society concerning mental health.

This movement aims to educate, inspire, and motivate African Americans and other minority communities to learn the truth about mental health by exposing all the social stigmas, especially the word CRAZY. This movement’s primary goal is to expose the different types of ways negative social stigmas are promoted and tell the truth about mental health.


Dr. Moses Chism Jr.

Founder Dr. Moses Chism Jr.: Dr. Moses Chism Jr. believes that down through the years, our society has created so many ridiculous social stigmas analogies that are mentally zoning the minds of minorities to believe in false narratives concerning their mental health. In other words, if I suffer from a mental illness, I must be CRAZY.

The Mission

My mission is to change the word “Crazy” to its most accurate definition, impacting its most influential audience. My definition of “Crazy” is a derogatory word that promotes a social stigma when describing people who suffer from all levels of mental illnesses or mental disorders.

The Word CRAZY

The word “Crazy” as we know it does not give real meaning to anyone who has a mental illness because the word “Crazy” is not a mental health diagnosis within the mental health field. Unbelievably, the word “Crazy” is 450 years old, dating back to the late 1570s. According to the National Alliance on Mental illness, 47.6 Million people in the U.S. experience mental illness each year.


Studies have proven that millions of minorities suffer from mental health issues and illness but refuse to get treatment due to derogatory social stigmas. One of the main reasons mental health illnesses are misunderstood is because of this one word, “Crazy,” and the unfortunate social stigma that comes with it.

Join Our campaign

Help us encourage our society to stop saying the word crazy regarding mental illness or one’s mental disorder. We can begin to change this social stigma by bringing awareness to others about those who have a mental illness that will eventually provoke compassion through education and motivation, and they will be inspired to take care of their mental health illness.