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Pricing & Payment

Pricing plans, payment methods, and insurances.

Uninsured Rates and Packages

Take a look at our packages under the uninsured category. Feel free to contact us for more details.

Initial Assessment

45-60 Min

Individual $150 | Couples $175
Family $275

Individual Adult Therapy


Individual adult therapy

(45-60 mins)

Family Therapy



(45-60 mins)

Adolescent Therapy

$ 80

17 years & under:

(45-60 mins)

Marital and Couples Therapy


Marital and Couples Therapy:

(45-60 mins)

Insurances We Accept:

Other insurances may be accepted

Insurance/EAP (Employee Assistance Programs)

New clients need to know a few things before beginning counseling. Paperwork and telephone calls are a part of the preparation. The client must call their insurance company prior to the first appointment. A waiting list may be in place.
Note: Insurance Companies are requiring that authorizations be obtained before seeing a counselor. Otherwise, the insurance companies are refusing to pay. Which means that you are financially responsible for the session.

Private Payment Methods Accepted:





Please bring the exact amount

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